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Kate Mitchell is a yoga instructor working in Sydney and the Illawarra, Australia. She is passionate about the benefits of Yoga and specialise in relaxation, stress relief and posture. People are busy in their lives and Yoga is great for fitness, time out and to help unwind.

About Kate

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Kate Mitchell Yoga

Hi i'm kate

what's it like to work with me?

Read some of the testimonials from my students and more about my background below! 

Interested in Private Yoga Therapy Sessions with Kate?

  • Want help with reducing stress?
  • Need help with back/hip or knee pain?
  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • Need help with a specific injury or aliment?
  • Need help with a particular condition like Anxiety, Asthma, high blood pressure, Cancer?
  • Don't feel comfortable or aren't ready for group classes?
  • Wanting a more individual one on one program designed especially for you?

All good reasons to sign up for private Yoga Therapy sessions with Kate.

Yoga Therapy is pain-free and used to treat both mental and physical conditions. 


My Balance package (introductory offer) includes;

3 x sessions - 1 x 90min, 2 x 60min - $220

This will give you a daily home practice designed just for you that will last 6months or more

Additional sessions (available to people who have completed balance package) are $75 per hour 

Contact for me for more info on:

0426 962 067

OR come and join me for one of my classes! 

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Private Yoga Therapy testimonials

I happened to meet Kate at my local gym roughly 3 years ago when she was teaching Yoga,  I became instantly hooked.  When the gym closed down, I was only worried about how I was going to get my weekly Yoga fix.

Kate had started her own classes out of Woonona Guide Hall and together with 3 other gym members we followed Kate for our weekly fix of a mix of Hatha and Restorative yoga.  It seemed that we all benefited more from the Restorative Yoga sessions.

As time went on, Kate began her regular Restorative classes which are amazing and with her newly acquired qualifications she branched out with private Yoga Therapy.  About a year into going to Restorative classes and noticing that I got so much out of the class, I approached Kate about the private Yoga Therapy classes.  There was never any pressure from Kate, it was all about my own realisation that I needed to further my practice and my Yoga journey.

The first session, Kate and I discussed my physical issues with my kidneys, back, knees and balance and also my anxiety issues.  From this thorough assessment,  Kate devised my personalised daily Yoga plan.  Kate was very  patient with me and I never felt rushed, it was such a pleasure to have a professional healer listen to me and come up with a holistic plan.  The second and third sessions Kate reassessed and built on my personal plan so that it worked in with my life and she incorporated an evening practice and a Sankalpa.

I credit Kate and my Yoga practice with bringing me back to life,  my mental health has never been this good.  I now live positively, in the present moment and when I feel anxiety rearing its ugly head, I use the breath work and Sankalpa that Kate added into my plan.  My partner said that I sing and dance more, that I’m back to the old me.  I feel more centred and grounded and I haven’t fallen over since I have been practicing my yoga plan. My kidney function has improved and my back and knee issues are well managed.

Continued practice mixed with Kate’s Restorative classes have opened up many possibilities for me, I relax so much that I see healing colours during poses.

Thank you Kate for helping me realise my potential.

Namaste ~ Tracey Davis 2017

I enjoyed my yoga therapy sessions with Kate very much.

Kate had a clever and instinctive ability to get to the heart of my issues and then went on to develop a thoughtful, simple and very helpful practice for me to do in my own time, without pressure to do so if I was not able.

She also did a lot of research on my behalf and as a bonus made me my own personal yoga nidra practice (relaxation).

Working with Kate has had a very positive impact on my life.
She is easy to be with and kind and discreet and I would recommend her sessions.

I would also recommend her restorative yoga classes, as well as the recent class targeting anxiety (it was great!)

Cheers ~ Marie Ledwos 2017

Having chronic back pain for nearly two years, and working a stressful job that I drove 3 hours for each day, I was not listening to my body and kept following a vicious cycle of pushing aside the pain with strong pain medication.

Kate’s yoga therapy has helped me to listen to my body, stopping the pain, and manage my stress. I learnt so much in our sessions, I definitely took away information that I will use for life.

Kate is a gentle teacher, who helps you to learn your limits and provide movements and breathing exercises that will help nourish your body, depending on your individual needs.

I highly value yoga therapy and will be continuing this practice as it can easily fit into my every day. Thank you Kate!

~ Danielle Della-Libera 2017

“From Kate I received a tailored, short daily morning practise to focus on my standing alignment.

What helped the most was the ease of the practise, with photos and notes provided by Kate.

I find that the sequence asks me to pause, notice my height and bodily asymmetries as I momentarily find freedom from habitual posture.

Also included in the sessions was an audio of yoga nidra to use anytime - it was super handy to access that through Dropbox.”

~ Vanessa Fookes 2017

Class Reviews

What a great way to spend your Saturday. Cant recommend this Restorative Yoga workshop more. Came away relaxed and rejuvenated. So glad I took a friend with me who has never done any yoga before, as she too cant wait to come back. Do yourself a favour and give it a go !!!
— Jean Phee, Wollongong

Thank you Kate, your classes and my practice are assisting me greatly with joint movement and improving my mobility. I look forward to each class and leave feeling much better each time.
— Andrew Pickles, Illawarra

I agree Kate. all your classes are fabulous. Today’s was a great one. Exactly what I needed for my back. It is feeling less stressed! Thanks again
— Lindy Millward, Sydney

Restorative Yoga is the best...I centre my entire weekend around your class. Thanks again
— Tony Mather, Bulli

did you enjoy my class?


I am a qualified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist. I work in the Illawarra region in Australia (about 1hr south of Sydney). 

I have spent the last 15 years practicing Yoga and Meditation.

I teach Yoga because I am passionate about its health benefits and specialize in relaxation, stress relief and posture. 

I used to work in the stressed corporate world and understand the work / life demands on people today.  Yoga became my solace, a means to increase my fitness while adding more quiet time to my life. I love passing on my knowledge to my students and giving them accessible, practical tools to use in their life to aid stress-relief. 

I specialize in Restorative Yoga, which encourages slowing down, quieting the mind and helps to restore the body to a more rejuvenated, healthy, balanced state. 

People are busier and more stressed in their lives, it's nice to spend some time giving back to our bodies.

My approach is therapeutic with a means to restoring the body back to it's natural state. Working with people to aid illness, physical injury and to bring balance to students busy lives. I am passionate about getting the body moving in a gentle way to aid joint and general mobility.


200hrs YTTC - Sukha Mukha Yoga

745hrs Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy - Enlightened Events


Kate Mitchell Yoga ~ case study of private Yoga Therapy client 2017

 This client came to me for help with Anxiety, stress, stress related tension and Chronic Thoracic back pain. I saw her for three sessions over a period of seven and a half weeks. She was in quite a bit of pain in her back, very stiff, stressed and suffers from Anxiety. She was really ready to make changes in her life and was very proactive when taking steps to manage her health. She was pretty new to Yoga and had never tried Yoga Therapy before. We made a great team and really worked closely to build the right daily Yoga practice for her. She put in a huge amount of effort and consistently did the home practice I created for her and has seen so many benefits from this practice, some of which are listed below. She also gained a lot of benefit from the personalised Yoga Nidra relaxation recording I made her and told me her pain stopped during the practice. It also helped with stress relief. She is continuing with the practice and still gaining benefit from it.

  •  The changes she reported & I noticed were
  • She has less headaches
  • Less thoracic back pain
  • No pain when listening to the Yoga Nidra relaxation I recorded
  • She was lighter, smiling more, more relaxed
  • Less stiff throughout her body especially in her upper body and her legs
  • Her weight is distributed more evenly in her feet across the big toe, little toe & heel and she isn’t rolling into her arches anymore
  • She is more aware of her physical stance
  • Making different postural decisions to aid health
  • Stopping work and doing yoga if she is stiff or sore during the day
  • Changed jobs because of stress and felt empowered doing so instead of worrying about others reaction to this
  • Making healthier decisions for her instead of worrying about others
  • Letting things go, less worrying especially about the future, less anxious
  • All in 7.5 weeks!

If you have an injury or aliment you would like help with and are ready to make some changes in your life please make contact with me and book in some private Yoga Therapy!