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Kate Mitchell is a Yoga Therapist & Yoga Instructor working in Sydney and the Illawarra, Australia. She is passionate about the benefits of Yoga for body and mind and specialises in relaxation, stress relief and posture. People are busy in their lives and Yoga is great for fitness, time out and to help unwind.


about me

Yoga Therapy & Gentle Yoga. Build inner resilience & gain support through the tools of Yoga & meditation. Yoga that helps restore, calm & support you so that you feel empowered & have a tool box of practices to turn to for ongoing health.



Hey, my name is Kate!

I am a qualified Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher. Working in Woonona, Australia (about 1hr south of Sydney). 

I teach Yoga because I am passionate about its health benefits. I have been through some health battles of my own and Yoga, breathing exercises and Meditation have helped keep me emotionally balanced and my body strong and mobile! This is why I share my love of Yoga with my students.

My aim is to empower students with tools to support their health and help them manage the up’s and down’s of life.

I provide a supportive, inclusive space where people with injury can also feel valued. Yoga is available to everyone you just have to find the right teacher and style for you!

My approach is therapeutic with a means to restoring the body back to it's natural state. Working with people to aid illness, physical injury and to bring balance to students busy lives. I am passionate about getting the body moving in a gentle way to aid joint and general mobility.

I specialise in Gentle Yoga & Private Yoga Therapy, stress reduction and posture. I have found Yoga extremely beneficial for overall balance, reducing stress, aiding health and supporting me mentally and physically and I love sharing this with my students.

I also teach Yoga for Cancer & Lymphoedema as I have had my own battle with Cancer and know just how stressful and frightening it can be receiving the diagnosis, going through treatment and managing your recovery.

People are busier and more stressed in their lives, it's nice to spend some time giving back to our bodies.

If you are interested in learning more about working with me on your health goals please contact me on 0426 962 067


200hrs YTTC - Sukha Mukha Yoga

745hrs Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy - Enlightened Events

40hrs Yoga and the Lymphatic System and Lymphoedema


“From Kate I received a tailored, short daily morning practise to focus on my standing alignment.

What helped the most was the ease of the practise, with photos and notes provided by Kate.

I find that the sequence asks me to pause, notice my height and bodily asymmetries as I momentarily find freedom from habitual posture.

Also included in the sessions was an audio of yoga nidra to use anytime - it was super handy to access that through Dropbox.”

~ Vanessa Fookes

Thank you Kate, your classes and my practice are assisting me greatly with joint movement and improving my mobility. I look forward to each class and leave feeling much better each time.
— Andrew Pickles, Illawarra

I agree Kate. all your classes are fabulous. Today’s was a great one. Exactly what I needed for my back. It is feeling less stressed! Thanks again
— Lindy Millward, Sydney

Restorative Yoga is the best...I centre my entire weekend around your class. Thanks again
— Tony Mather, Bulli

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